Obedient Awesome Kingdom Servants

OAKS is a strength training course for the invisible you – soul and spirit. The initial 10-week course is open to all; however, it was designed for those who have been following Jesus for 5 years or less. It is important that all believers understand that as disciples of Jesus, God is asking for our whole life. He is thoroughly justified in his asking because of the value our lives have to him. It was his breath that gave us life in the Garden (Genesis 1) and after the fall of man (Genesis 3), it is the shed blood of Jesus and his resurrection that gives us access to new life.

The OAKS course provides information that, taken in and acted upon, will help you beat the world system and not be deceived by the plots and schemes of our enemy. Among the lessons offered are those on the biblical Jesus, properly relating to authority, the need for accountability, why trust the Bible, taking a look at your character, and more. 

You are encouraged to do yourself good by joining the next OAKS class and being a part of an exciting community of change agents. 

Obedient Awesome Kingdom Servants

OAKS of Righteousness. (Isaiah 61:3 NIV)

2022 OAKS courses and dates to be announced!