Redeeming Wasted Years

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The Church’s Untapped Dynamite

The Bible tells us so much about the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit, yet, the truth is that many in the Church have no idea how vital his ministry is for us to fulfill our calling and our commission in the earth today.

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Are you concerned about time slipping through your fingers like wet sand in the ocean’s tide? Like other precious resources, our time must be protected from loss, from theft, and from waste. Most humans are acquainted with fear of running out of time. Each measured movement by the hands of the clock take us closer to being out of time and into eternity.

Redeeming Wasted Years will help you identify time wasters and help move you into a life of placing proper value on your time. It will alleviate the despair you may be experiencing over months or years of living outside of purpose, and help you anchor your hope in the gracious redemptive power of God. You will be warned about a road called Regret and learn that on this journey, U-Turns are allowed. The Lord is a Redeemer, and he alone can redeem your wasted years!